The Grape Adventure shares three new wines with customers every week.

Come for the wine... stay for dinner... and dessert!

Our Wine Bar serves
homemade cuisine, including desserts from our pastry chef, 6 beers on Tap & Cocktails!!
Monthly Wine Club Members
Want to save 10% to 15% off all of your

We encourage you to participate in our monthly Wine
Club.  With our wine club, you’re in control of the
flavors you want to experience each month.  You’re
not stuck with one winery or one varietal.  We have
900+ labels to choose from - and we taste 100-200
new wines each month!!!  We’re very flexible!!!  

You can choose your preferences based on pricing,
region, type and/or food parings while expanding
your tasting pallet and wine knowledge.  

Basic Wine Club  $25/mo:
Save 15% on only the wines selected for you.
Receive the Wine Bar Discounts & 15% Case Disc.
Choose One:  All Red, All White or 1Red/1White

**Premier Wine Club $50-99/mo:
Save 10% all month on Retail items
All of the details & benefits below.

**Elite Wine Club $100+/mo:
Save 15% all month on Retail items
All of the details & benefits below.

•  No Fees to join!!!  The above amounts are the
target price you pay each month for the wines we
select for you.

•  You’re in control of the flavors you experience - as
well as the number of bottles you want each month.  
Everyone doesn't have the same pallet, so why settle
for a wine that everyone gets?  We hand select
wines specifically for each member!

• 15% off  full or mixed cases instead of 10%

•  Extra savings for wine club members at our Wine
Bar ~ No Corkage Fee - Only pay retail for the wine
you want to enjoy in the restaurant!   WOW!!!  No
more high restaurant prices!!!   And the 3 Wines for
$3 Tasting is FREE every week!!!

Wine Club Membership is Closed - Nov 2013
Private Parties

Talk to Scott or Katie for more details!  

Pricing depends on what you want to
eat or drink and how many people will
attend.  Pricing starts around $15pp.

We can even create a menu just for
your event, based on your favorite foods!
Unique Gift Center

You won't be able to find some of our
gift items anywhere else!  The Grape
Adventure has that perfect gift you’ve
been looking for!

We carry local artists works as well as
other elegant items such as Arthur
Court and Riedel.

We have fun and whimsical gifts, too.

Please refer to the  Calendar  or Newsletter for an updated list of the current events.

Call the store or email us for more details on any event that you are interested in.

Ever Wonder why your wine does
not taste the same at home?

Was it the tasting room atmosphere?  

The 4th winery stop?  

Well, it might be as simple as… the glasses you're using!

No… REALLY!!  You’ve heard us talk about it.  You can make a
wine fruitier, drier, spicier or even weaken the flavors by switching
the glass type – using lead crystal and/or different bowl shapes.  

We want you to taste for yourself.  So we are encouraging you to
bring the glasses you drink out of at home when you come to our
weekend tastings.

We feature Riedel glassware in our wine bar...  And if you find
there is a difference with using this thin glass, just think about
what the lead crystal glasses would bring to your wine experience!

Could this prove that the glasses you use at home make the wine
taste better to you?  You bet!  Our goal is to bring you an optimal
wine experience.  

Just think of all the wonderful wine you might be passing by just
because the glass does not fit your pallet!

Life’s too short to drink good wine out of bad glasses!!!  Cheers!
The Grape Adventure Wine Bar & Bottle Shop
WINE TOURS!!!  Don't miss out on the fun!!!
Winery Tours
2013 Tours have not been scheduled yet.  
There should be a bus tour in May and in October, too!  We'll let you know ASAP!!!
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included  $100-$150

Vineyard Tours

Worldwide Tours
We had 7 people join us in Italy in 2007!
In April of 2009, we went back to Italy with 15 travelers!  And 9 in 2011!!!
Come with us in April 2014 (
Northern Italy, Lake Garda, Venice) - limited to 14 travelers.
October 2006 Vineyard Tour - Paul Champoux, Champoux Vineyards. We got to taste his 2006 Cabernet
Grapes!!!We ate lunch in their garden and drank Cabernet Juice!  We ended the trip with a visit to Sheridan
In 2007 we visited Kestrel's Vineyards - We walked the Vineyards and had a fantastic wine lunch!
Tutti a tavola - a toast to our first cooking class at Podere Ciona in Chianti Classico.  A view from Ponte Vechcio in
Florence.  A visit to Castel Sonnino's barrel room.  Our day in Florence went by quickly, but we did get to see The David!
The Grape Adventure Wine Bar & Bottle Shop

The Grape Adventure's customers have experienced unsurpassed customer service, unique gift ideas, superb wine and food since 2004!  
We also have the lowest restaurant wine prices around!  If you find a lower price, we'll match it!

In June 2007, we expanded into a Wine Bar serving fantastic Tapas Style Cuisine created by our Executive Chef Denise Onorati and her
team as well as hand made desserts from our Pastry Chef Katie Haley!  Be sure to see our

We now offer a True Happy Hour!!!  Regular portions of home cooked food offered at a discount during our Happy Hour!  Our
philosophy is to not over charge people most of the time just to be able to have a few hours to charge what we should be in the first
place.  We offer glasses of wine for $6 that you would pay $7-10 a glass in other wine bars or restaurants.  We think your money
should  go farther!  No more crazy restaurant prices for wine!  You can open a bottle of Caymus Napa Cabernet for $74 (plus an $8  
corkage fee - waived if you are a
Wine Club Member) and you'll pay $100 to $150 at any other restaurant or wine bar!  

We want your wine adventures to be enjoyable.  Why waste time on bad wine?  We have tried almost every one of our 900+ wines...  the
wine we choose to bring in are ones we want to share with friends...  wine that we would take home ourselves to enjoy.  

The world of wine has grown tremendously in the last few years.  There are almost 700 wineries in Washington state alone!  We can't
carry all wine labels, but are more than happy to order any available wines that might be your favorite.  

We offer tours throughout the year as well.  Bus tours to Washington Wineries and trips around the world.  In April 2007, a group of
nine toured the small vineyards of Italy for 12 days - there are not enough adjectives to describe what we all felt, saw and tasted!  Be sure
to make note of our
calendar of events.

We have also determined that if a wine is more expensive, it should be worth the higher price.  So no matter what price range you're
looking for - $7, $10, $15, $60, $120... we have what you are looking for.

We encourage you to participate in our monthly Wine Club.  You can choose your preferences based on pricing, region, type and/or food
parings while expanding your tasting pallet and wine knowledge.  Wine Club members receive discounts on their monthly orders.  

The Grape Adventure also offers private parties.  Fun with Food, Wine and Friends—what could be better???  
Contact us today for more

We also extend fantastic discounts for your parties or special occasions.  Save 5% on 6-11 bottles, 10% on 12-36 bottles, 15% on 4-6
cases and 20% on 7+ or more cases.

When you visit The Grape Adventure you are welcomed as a friend.  Enjoy visiting with friends, old and new, in a smoke-free
environment, while sampling fantastic wine and food selections created just for you.

So waste no time… experience your grape adventure today!

Scott & Katie Jones  (High school sweethearts from Issaquah High - we've been together since 1989!)
Owners of The Grape Adventure

                                         Chiara & Piper                           In Memory of Maddie                In Memory of Dydemus
About Us
Cooking Lessons with Exec Chef Denise Onorati!

Scheduled Group Cooking Classes:  
No Classes have been scheduled for 2013
Wine Spectator's 2009-2011
Restaurant Award of Excellence.
60 awards were given to
Washington State Restaurants.
The Grape Adventure will be closing it's doors at the end of December 2013